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Maša Kagao Knez: MOMENTUM Avenue of Captured Moments – dance and music performance 2015

Maša Kagao Knez
Avenue of Captured Moments

Every story begins somewhere, in a certain moment that we never quite remember. It usually doesn’t have a clear beginning and even its end is just roughly hinted at. A plant lives from its rhizome, its true life is hidden and what is seen above the ground only lasts one summer, then withers. What we see is the flower, which loses its petals. The rhizome endures … We are only imagining all of it, really. We produce [!] shows in which we then live. Just for an instant, we capture a moment then we move on … We can only understand ourselves in the light of our inner experience.(Inspired by C. G. Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections)

By creating the piece Momentum: Avenue of Captured Moments, Maša Kagao Knez continues the observation of one’s own and our common (co-)existence. Avenue is the movement that speaks, the voice that moves the space, the space that keeps thickening and thinning – depending on the amount of energy emitted by the (f)actors in the moment of presence of the Other. The Co-creator. The Spectator. Movement and voice inhabit a human body and cohabit in it. Like the meeting point of the interior and the exterior, the traditional and the contemporary, the past and the present, which is also where a moment is captured: the now.

Author and choreographer:

Maša Kagao Knez

Original music score by:

Murat & Jose, Irena Yebuah Tiran, Leticia Slapnik Yebuah, Tim Kostrevc, Damaris Potočnik

Assistant choreographers:

Rosana Hribar, Jana Menger


Andreja Kopač


Jelena Proković in EA Kreativa

Co-created and performed by:

Dalanda Diallo, Gerard Diby, Maša Kagao Knez, Murat & Jose, Urša Rupnik, Leticia Slapnik Yebuah, Liza Šimenc, Irena Yebuah Tiran
Plesalke plesnega studia XXV/ Studio XXV dancers Vesna Bizjak, Emina Baj, Tjaša Jerak, Lea Menard, Kristina Sicherl, Sara Zaninović, Ajda Žagar, Eva Žagar


Katja Somrak

Public relations:

MoJcA OcvirK


Studio XXV, Cankarjev dom, KUD Baobab in Plesni Teater Ljubljana

The project was supported by:

City Council’s Department of Culture, Institut français de Slovénie, Adria mobil, d.o.o.