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Dance Studio XXV is the center of the dance events, where we combine different dance genres into mainstream dance and music courses. We offer a wide selection of courses from Modern dance, Contemporary dance - follow the flow, African dances with percussion, Afro Urban, African classes for children (1+) and drumming courses.

Dance and music courses are organized from October to June. You can join courses any time in the season but for better progress we recommend regular attendance. Season 2019/2020 will start on 30th of September this year. We will have Open Doors from 23th to 26th of September where you can try out all of our classes for free.

Our mentors are recognized dancers and musicians who pass their passion for the art to their students. We invite all dance lovers and professional dancers to join us.



Dance Studio also supports a number of dance music project produced in Slovenia. We work with a variety of non-profit institutions as with the individual top dancers in the form of a co-producer, support dance and musical performances, festivals or other preparations for such events. We regularly work with KUD Baobab, Flota, Emanat, Studio za svobodni ples,  Dance Theater Ljubljana, Festival Vibra and so on.