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What? How? Why? The best questions should be answered by experts. Leave it to us to help you plan, manage and execute an amazing event meant to inform, entertain and impress your target audience. Rest assured that your potential clients or investors will have an unforgettable experience once we set everything up to help you promote your product or service.


One of the best ways to reach your consumers is by organising a product, business, brand or service „launch event“ - depends on what you are selling or promoting. Customers tend to respond better to a sales tactic that is not overused and makes them feel like they are part of something – hence the term „event“ - which doesn't have advertisement written all over it. Let us know what you want to present to the public and our experts will repackage your message to the audience within a fun, festive and social event that brings your product to the consumers in a natural, relaxed way without the unpleasant feeling that something is forced upon them. You can select from numerous ways to create and execute a launch event to suit different potential customers as well as adjusting to your specific needs and ideas.


Getting word out to the press is no easy task. Unless you have us by your side. Our well-trained and well-organised consultants assemble the necessary people for you to present your product or service to. Because we are aware of just how challenging convincing the press can be, we work together with you to learn as much as possible about your product or service and how you can present them to the press to achieve maximum effectiveness.