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Information For information about the start date, duration and prices of the courses, as well as the teachers who run the dance courses and other staff, please visit our website: www.studioxxv.si and e-mail zavod.studio25@gmail.com.

Course registration and enrolment It is compulsory to pre-register for each dance course. The easiest way to register for regular courses is through your Studionaut profile, where you register, confirm the terms of data protection and purchase the desired package of visits. When you select your preferred package, you also register for all courses. Please note that you must register for each course / term separately! The number of places is limited, so you should hurry up and register. The timetable is published at least one month in advance. Once you have chosen your package, we will send you an invoice by email, which must be paid within 8h days of issue. If you find the Studionaut system too complicated to use, please contact zavod.studio25@gmail.com and we will register you for the course of your choice.

Payment method Purchase of visit packages is exclusively by bank transfer. When ordering your chosen package, you will receive an invoice, which must be paid within 8 days of issue. The validity of the courses is linked to the purchase of the course fee. Payment can only be made by bank transfer. An invoice will be issued on the basis of the paid invoice for the participant's chosen course.

Validity of the selected package The monthly rate is therefore valid for exactly one month from the date of the first new or purchased visit (example: the 4x monthly package is purchased on 3.10. and is valid until 3.11.). The same applies for three months. Visits are not transferable to another person or extended in case you are unable to come to the course. In such cases, we offer the possibility of substituting the course with any other course, if you cancel in time (see below). If Studio XXV is also closed for school holidays or public holidays, anyone who is unable to use up their visits in the weeks specified will have their validity extended for that particular visit (for example: the 4 x monthly package valid from 3.10. to 3.11. means that there are 5 weeks to use up 4 visits. In this case we do not extend the validity, otherwise we extend it until the day you attend the regular course (example: you regularly attend the Contemporary Dance course on Tuesdays, but due to our inability to use up the visits in 4 weeks, we extend the validity until the first Tuesday after the holidays).

Course cancellations and substitutions Within a purchased package (monthly or multi-monthly pass), you can cancel a class up to 5 hours before the start of the class and register for a replacement appointment at other courses within the validity of your package. You can cancel and register independently via your Studionaut profile or by emailing us at zavod.studio25@gmail.com. If you do not check out in time, it will be considered as if you have spent the visit on dance training. We do not refund any money for courses already paid for.

Membership To become a member of Dance Studio XXV, an individual must register in our Studionaut system with their personal details. Membership is a one-time membership and the same person cannot become a new member more than once. By entering his/her personal data on the registration form, the participant or his/her legal representative agrees to the "General Terms and Conditions" and is obliged to act in accordance with them. In case you do not wish to terminate your membership and thus be informed about dance and other news from our website, please contact us at zavod.studio25@gmail.com and we will remove you from our records. Before doing so, you must ensure that your obligations to Studio XXV are settled.

Price list The updated price list is available to participants on the Price list page.We reserve the right to change prices and payment terms during the school year. Any changes will take effect immediately.

General Terms and Conditions

- Dance classes are held in various halls of the SVŠGUGL Secondary School of Education, Gymnasium and Artistic Gymnasium on Kardeljeva ploščada 28a,
- Dance classes are held once or several times a week and last 90 minutes,
- during holidays / school holidays the dance classes are cancelled,
- in case of non-payment of the dance course, it is no longer possible to attend the dance course,
- in case of late payment, we may charge late payment interest,
- after the third reminder you will be deleted from our Studio and can no longer attend,
- if you are unable to attend your chosen dance class, you may substitute any other class within the validity of your package,
- extension of the package is only possible due to injury or prolonged absence due to illness on the basis of a doctor's excuse.
- discounts will be calculated for students, pupils, unemployed and pensioners with proof of status received in advance by email zavod.studio25@gmail.com

Refunds and absences We only refund the full course fee if the course is cancelled due to insufficient enrolment or force majeure preventing us from carrying out our activities. In the event of injury or long-term illness, we will extend the validity of the course for the duration of the season or refund the balance of any unused visits on presentation of a medical certificate.

Attending a dance course Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the start of the dance class in order to prepare for the class in peace.  We start the dance class on time. Any latecomers will be left outside the building, as the school closes at the start time and does not offer security or reception for later arrivals. The timetable is published in detail on the studio xxv website and in the Studionaut programme you join from the moment you enrol. Sudden changes and cancellations of courses are dealt with by notifying us via the emails and phone numbers you provided when registering.

Liability and accident insurance All dance classes and other events are at the individual's own risk. In the event of injury or illness at an event (dance class, dance workshop, dance weekend, dance excursion, etc.) not caused by the negligence of the organiser and the performer, the organiser and the performer shall be absolved of all liability. Accident insurance is not included in the price of the services.

Wardrobe Changing rooms are available in all halls and are not guarded. You leave your belongings in the changing room at your own risk, we recommend that you keep valuables and items with you or in a visible place in the ballroom during the duration of the course.

Forgotten items We are not responsible for forgotten, lost or stolen items, but we will store any valuables found.

In the case of a situation of force majeure, such as the latest epidemic, emergency measures are in force, subject to decisions taken by the Republic of Slovenia. In the event of a recurrent closure, we will extend the validity of the packages or, in the event of a prolonged closure period, refund the relevant portion of the course fee already paid. At Studio XXV we ensure regular disinfection and cleanliness of the dance halls, ventilation of the room, limit the distance between individual dancers and limit the number of participants per course.

Studio XXV reserves the right to make changes to the content of our dance courses, price list and terms and conditions. In accordance with the changes, we keep our members up to date and, in the event of cancellation of a particular course, we refund the portion of the amount already paid that belongs to the participant.