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Urša is teaching a synthesis of contemporary and modern dance techniques, enriched with her own dance experiences and movement principles. Her work is mostly based on over ten years of experiences as an assistant of a prominent dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue Joe Alegado (USA). His method Shifting Roots – Alegado Movement Language is characterised by the use of hands as inspiration and initiator of a movement language which searches to connect with energy sources within the body as it projects outward into space.

Urša starts her classes with simple, but dynamic warm-up of an entire body trough somatic work in couples, groups or individually. Warm-up is followed by a structured floor work, locomotor phrases within the vertical line and spatial combinations, which are upgraded into a final dance improvisation, composition or choreography.

The focus of Urša’s classes is on positioning and movement of the spine, complexity of hands, arms, legs and torso coordination; she pays attention to the softness and fluidity of the movement, fluid transitions between vertical and horizontal level and expressive interpretation of a dance material.

Urša invites you catch a wave of fluidity together and take a ride to a dynamic journey trough space and time.

Taught by Urša Rupnik

every Tuesday and Thursday from 18h30 to 20h.
from 1st October 2019

Taught by: Urša Rupnik

More info: info@studioxxv.si


Ursus Dancers: Druga prihodnost / Another Future, 2019 (trailer):

Ursus Dancers: Druga prihodnost / Another Future, 2019 (promo):

Zaključna produkcija 2015 Španski borci   Zaključna produkcija 2015 Španski borci

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Urša Rupnik – Contemporary Dance Class (promo)

Urša Rupnik – Tečaj sodobnega izraznega plesa, Letna produkcija KUD Baobab 2013

Taught by Urša Rupnik

Every Tuesday and Thursday from18h30 to 20h