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Unlike formal business meetings, informal business events have no particular structure or format: Attendees come and go as they please, usually with no official spokesperson. They do have to introduce themselves, but choose who they want to speak to. We help you organize this type of event so you can gain new contacts, thus expanding your business network. Such events are traditionally more relaxed, similar to a gathering of friends. Usually there is no dress code or other job related rules such as formal discourse or contractual agreements, people mingle around with the event not having a particular focus on one person or topic.


In order for a business team to be successful, it has to engage in activities outside of the office as well. Working together with people who are not your friends, being on a tight schedule with deadlines and a heavy workload in a stressful environment can wear anybody down sooner or later. Our experts have found the perfect way to (re)connect a group of coworkers and build mutual trust within the group in order for them to cooperate as a single, fully functional unit - team building events. They include activities in a relaxed environment outside the office such as a park or a sports field. Meals take place in the form of a picnic with several sporting events and fun activities planned throughout the day. Unlike board games and playing cards that normally happen inside, the group social games we organize can be played in nature, which leads to a better communication and cooperation between employees once they return to the office.


Summer is the most appropriate season for picnics or other forms of outside entertainment. Warm weather and long sunny days are a great basis for a number of various outdoor activities. Our experts provide you with a quality music band that will encourage people to dance and have fun as well as organize catering services and barbecues. Perhaps you prefer to have a picnic and focus on other entertaining activities instead like social games and team sports. We also take care of unique decorations to turn an everyday park into something special: Colourful lighting, festive design, flower arrangements, etc. If you have something more professional in mind, we would be happy to hear your ideas and make them a reality for you. Outdoor settings are not limited to nature either – you can also choose a city location such as a building terrace with a stunning view or a garden with a swimming pool.


Rather than just celebrating another company year gone by, you can use this unique opportunity to motivate your employees and communicate with them informally: What problems do they face at work, what keeps them from realizing their full job potential, where else within your company could they excel at, what are their plans, aspirations and goals for the future, what are their business proposals that could take the company to a higher level of achievement? On a stressful, time-restricted day to day routine at the office, there is usually no time to ask and answer questions such as these. We also help you turn your ordinary business anniversaries into excellent opportunities for meeting clients – current and prospective – as well as advisors, consultants and other professionals who could help you and your employees in the future. You can view this as a stress-relieving company investment that unifies workers and managers into an unstoppable force of success.


The most festive day of the year in every company has to be the new year celebration party. We can help your company create an unforgettable entry into the new year with all your employees, drinks and presents included. This is also a good opportunity for the management to present it's plans for the upcoming year, share the company's vision and listen to employees' advice on problem solving techniques. It's a time of year to give and share, a perfect opportunity to bless business partners with presents, motivate employees and watch the fireworks mark the ending of another successful era of your company.