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During the Covid-19 epidemic, unless there are stricter measures by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Studio XXV ensures regular disinfection and cleanliness of the dance halls, ventilation of the room, limiting the distance between individual dancers and limiting the number of participants per course.

Afro Latin Vibes is a dance training that includes the following elements: relaxation, body warm-up, dance technique, stretching, strength exercises, improvisation exercises and choreography. We will train in movements typical of African and Latin dances. In between we will add a step/move from jazz or show dance. We will dance to African and Latino rhythms, let the music take over and enjoy. You are welcome to take time for yourself and dance with us.

AFRO LATIN is from 2023 scheduled only as a workshop. The dates will be published when workshop will be organized.  Afro Latin Vibes is led by Krista.

Demontration course - Afro Latin Vibes



Taught by Krista

Every Monday at 7.15 pm