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About us

Institute for Cultural Activities, Studio 25 was established due to the need for the production of independent dance projects. Already in its name reveals the location Parmova street 25 in Ljubljana, where there is also a Dance Studio XXV. The studio offers regular dance and music courses.

We also manage our Events XXV agency where we provide a personalized event package, specially tailored to meet the needs of our client.

Studio 25 is managed by Andreja Potočnik, event manager and producer and Maša Kagao Knez, dancer and choreographer as an artistic director and creator of dance music program.

Dance classes

The Dance Studio XXV offers regular dance and music courses for children, youth and adults. We also organize various dance and music workshops with renowned domestic and foreign educators.



We are creating our own projects that are focused on dance and music production.

Our latest projecta are Lakeless: dance&beat duet and Afrofonija - dance and music performance.



Studio XXV Events is a creative team-oriented marketing agency with a strong focus on event management, development, presence and connection.

We strive to provide our clients with the best team of professionals to help them meet their individual needs.