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Kristina Sicherl - Krista

Krista started gathering her dance experience with Mojca Horvat. She performed and competed in show dance in big formations, as well as performing in children's and young adults' musicals for 10 years. The group was a multiple European and World champion in show dance. Then she sailed into Latin waters, where she got to know salsa and reggaeton. From 2003 to 2014, she regularly taught classes at the Salsateca-Ljubljana dance school. Krista is the founder of the first lady salsa&reggaeton dance group in Slovenia called Meneo dance group. The group was invited on various salsa festivals in Slovenia and abroad. She was the first to bring the dance genre called reggaeton to Slovenia (2006).

Krista is the co-author of the first scientific article on salsa that was published in two languages: Relocating and Personalising Salsa in Slovenia: To Dance is to Communicate [Ples kot komuniciranje: kulturni in družbeni vidiki salse na Slovenskem] (Maruša Pušnik and Kristina Sicherl, Kalejdoskop športa – uvod v športne študije, 2009).

July & August 2008 – volunteer work and dance education in Angola.

In 2009, she introduced Slovenian dancers to an African dance genre in pairs called kizomba, and it quickly became very popular among Slovenian dancers. Krista is also a member of the dance group 3nity, and a member of the dance group led by the renowned dancer and pedagogue Maša Kagao Knez who specialises in African dance and Afro-contemporary dance. Krista also performs in two dance performances: Momentum – Avenija ujetih trenutkov (Maša Kagao Knez) and Življenje je vrednota (Katja Vidmar). Krista regularly attends educational courses in Slovenia and abroad. In August 2016, she completed an intense course in Lisbon (Afro, Afrohouse, Kuduro course). In May 2017, she became a licensed Nirvana-Fitness instructor.

From 2015 – 2017 she was part of a team of dance instructors led by Neva Kralj, who is a professional in the field of dance and motion therapy for children.

From February 2016 to June 2017, she volunteered as a dance instructor in the Ig (Slovenia) female penitentiary.

Her approach is grounded, direct, and extremely effective. Her courses are intense and focused, yet maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Even in larger groups, her students feel that she pays attention to all of them equally and individually. In dance, she helps people find harmony in the correctness of movement, while encouraging dancers to feel their movement and develop their individuality. This way they become comfortable with expressing themselves through dance.

She is also a professor of Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, and Theology.

In Studio XXV she teaches Afro urban dance.

Krista teaches Afro urbanVisit Site

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