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Maša Kagao Knez: KONCERT ZA MAM – a dance music performance

Maša Kagao Knez
KONCERT ZA MAM: a dance-music performance

Author and Choreographer: Maša Kagao Knez
Co-creation and Performance: Dalanda Diallo, Leticia Slapnik Yebuah, Irena Yebuah Tiran, Joseph Nzobandora- Jose, Murat, Maša Kagao Knez
Music: Kristijan Korat in soustvarjalci predstave
Costume Design: Jelena Proković
Dramaturgy: Joseph Nzobandora - Jose
Lighting Design: LCLights
Produced by: KUD Baobab in Studio 25
Co-produced by: Plesni Teater Ljubljana, SPD Rož, Mediteranski plesni centar
Special Thanks: Blaž Celarec, Marjan Štikar, Danilo Pečar


The author Maša Kagao Knez in the dance-musical performance Concert for MAM continues to explore the existence and coexistence that she observes this time from the perspective of perceiving and experiencing time: the time "around me" is not the same as the time "in me". With the interweaving of dance and music, she wants to establish communication and search for harmony within different relationships, through the concept of different perceptions of time. She dedicates the show to her grandmother, Mam.

The  project is supported by: Ministry of Culture RS and Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture, Mediterranean dance center Svetvinčenat

PHOTO GALLERY -  premiere, 4.12.2017 (PTL)

Photos by: Drago Videmšek

Photos by: Kyrylo Beliaiev